What can the OraCOMMUNITY do for you and your organization?

OraCOMMUNITY is an administrative tool designed to help an organization more effectively manage, distribute and respond to the many prayer requests your organization receives each week…while saving you unnecessary administrative time.

Input options include:  Ora phone app, online web prayer request form, email, eFax, voicemail-to-text, direct text entry, and others.

Output options include:  Ora phone app, email, prayer bulletin, prayer wall and others.

More options under development.  Manage all your prayer requests from one place.



  • Dashboard

    View, select, and manage all your prayer requests from one page.  Includes a map that indicates where prayer is happening, right now.

  • Bulk Action Menu

    Select, move, print and send prayer requests from the Action pull down menu

  • Interactive Stats

    Heads-up display of all prayer activity.  Prayer request, # of people praying, specific comments from prayer team members.  Even an opportunity to encourage the team and share how prayer has been answered.

  • Support

    We want you to focus on engaging people in prayer.  ORA will help you with any technical issues or even work with you in developing added features that help make the product even better.